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Intimate songs, sweet tender words
Flowing between heaven and earth
You whisper to me, I sing you a song
As you play the music, I’m carried along

I am in awe, I am in love
Breathing You in, I can’t get enough
Over and over You’re touching my heart
As I’m captivated by all that You are


Can we stay right here in this hol - y place
Where You feel so near I can touch Your face
Can the time stand still, do I dare to ask
Can the world move on and this moment last

Can we stay right here, stay right here
Here in Your arms I am at rest
My silence conveys what my words can’t express
I am amazed at the wonder of You
To soak in Your presence is all I can do

Music and Lyrics by Todd Vaters (
© Big Pie Publishing (ASCAP) CCLI Song # 5294662
All rights reserved. Please report church usage at

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